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Riccardo Rizzo, Tourist guide

Crossed the threshold of the Roman city wall, built almost two thousand years ago by Aureliano the Emperor, you will see during your tour to emerge horizons composed by fašades of princeply buildings, by hardy flights of steps, sculptures shaped with ancient marbles. Churches that conceal mosaics of byzantine golds, fluted columns, tamples devoted to immortal gods, doms, climb up to the sky. Springing waters from fanciful boards animated by tritons, naiads and sea gods. Mauloleums to be transformed into inespugnable castles, streets run across by triumphant emperors, towers built to defende city powers. Stadiums with athlets, circus with running bigas and arenas with wild animals and fearless gladiators full of spectators.

You can, for the first time in your life, to ascertain, finally, how the history has never stopped walking and how kings, emperors, popes and great artists rendered eternal the city of Rome.